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About Us

Woodworker and pen maker Hugh Cameron works out of his shop in Cardinal Ontario, Canada. He uses only the finest quality wood, acrylics, stone, marble, soapstone, bone and antler from around the world. He hand selects each medium to create the most beautiful grains, burls and patterns in each creation. The decorative hardware is also hand selected for quality and durability. This ensures that the final piece is a work of true natural beauty. The completed pieces are then coated with multiple layers of high gloss polish and then finished with a diamond hard finish for protection and bring out the beauty of the medium. Each piece is handcrafted using a combination of the old standby tools and methods as well as using the most modern equipment and techniques. This ensures that each piece is a one of a kind creation. Heirloom Inspirations products are the perfect choice for office, birthday, holiday, graduation, wedding and retirement gifts as well as for other special occasions. Custom work can also be accommodated by using a special medium which holds a personal meaning to the individual.

*Special Note: Only shed antlers are used, and no animals are harmed in the making of our products!